She asks Ki-seok when he <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a> got their history relationships however, he solutions one he doesn’t remember

Have always been, a taxi falls Jung-in-off at Ji-ho’s place. She finds out Ji-ho, Hyun-soo and you will Younger-jae sprawled out in the new home plagued by empty beer cans and you can soju container. She reveals the entranceway and you may slams it, getting out of bed Young-jae just who next wakes up Ji-ho.

Ji-ho mumbles that they didn’t take in..anywhere near this much. Jung-inside draws Ji-ho’s promise throughout the fridge but Ji-ho stops the lady just before she can exit.

Ji-ho is not necessarily the one in some trouble. Jae-inside the is at Seo-in’s lay but that doesn’t stop the girl out-of shouting into the their cellular telephone, “Young-jae, are you currently perhaps not browsing study? I am really gonna separation with you if you don’t citation the exam once again.”

Right back during the his place, Ji-ho kneels in front of an upset Jung-in the. Ji-ho contends that Jung-inside the is as well harsh whenever she will not relent, the guy states, “My personal tummy is disappointed.” Jung-inside the must stifle a grin ahead of asking Ji-ho when the he had you to move from Eun-woo.

Jung-in exits the fresh flower shop next-door to help you Ji-ho’s parents’ family and you may asks Ji-ho when the she seems all right

Ji-ho claims one to he’s going to never ever drink once again but that’s not as to why Jung-in is furious. Jung-in the desires a description for all of one’s lays the guy advised the girl when he entitled and Ji-ho acknowledges, “I did not wish to be scolded.” When Jung-during the requires, “Do you really think you could potentially deceive me,” Ji-ho smiles and you may acknowledges, “Sure.” Once Jung-into the laughs, Ji-ho activates new appeal, “Forgive myself simply this option go out.” Jung-for the agrees however, she holds the new pledge and you will says to Ji-ho, “I will not marry you in the event.”

Jung-within the attempts to stay away from in order to Ji-ho’s rooms but Ji-ho is good behind the woman. Jung-in the leaps onto the bed to save the latest pledge out-of Ji-ho but in the future it collapse on the sleep in which they laugh and you will kiss.

Young-joo pokes this lady venture out out-of the girl window whenever she hears deliverymen running up and down the newest stairs

Ji-ho hasn’t seen Jung-for the very afraid but she actually is alarmed, “Can you imagine they won’t allow me to get married your?” When Ji-ho’s parents anticipate them, Jung-for the give their mom good bouquet and you will an enthusiastic Eun-woo leaps to the her palms.

Jung-in’s mom is on the telephone with Search engine optimization-from inside the, sharing Jung-in’s interviewing Ji-ho’s mothers, however, she hangs right up when her partner strolls inside. Jung-in’s mommy observes just how reduced her spouse is impression and you can implies the way they will be deal with their daughters to any extent further, “Let us none assume way too much from their store neither pressure him or her from inside the any way. Let’s end up being that type of moms and dads.” Whenever Jung-in’s dad sighs heavily, Jung-in’s mommy invites him out to possess a pleasant food.

Ji-ho’s dad cannot grab his sight from Jung-inside the while the she appears right up dinosaurs having Eun-woo. Jung-within the advantages right up whenever Ji-ho’s father asks when the she products but once he even offers some thing to help you Ji-ho, she declares which he end taking.

Ki-seok round the regarding assemblyman’s girl in the a cafe or restaurant. When questioned in the event the he’s shopping for marriage, Ki-seok answers, “Of course, this is why I am here.” Ki-seok contributes, “I became merely thinking that I’m grateful I thought i’d come here today,” however when the latest assemblyman’s daughter isn’t searching, his smile is out.

Shortly after getting Eun-woo to bed, Ji-ho rejoins brand new people and you may understands that Jung-during the has received a great deal to drink. Desperate to place Ji-ho’s moms and dads comfortable, Jung-within the pledges, “We’ll become considerate of any most other and become pleased along with her. And I shall carry out my best to become a beneficial mommy in order to Eun-woo.” Whenever their mommy actually starts to cry with his father should research aside, Ji-ho requires Jung-in’s hands and you can nods approvingly.

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