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A good maiden off ye greensickness later Pity observe mislead is actually complete sore Fixing to fix their particular bad home Treatment for their own ill: the fresh oracle assignes In this worry Apollo performed implore Keepe ye the first letters of these multiple outlines

Away from an excellent Scots MS of the 18th century you will find one which is not once the simple because earliest seems, given that incorrect answer is sensible. [NLS MS 17799, f. 143]

Feel type my dear Cloe, lets kiss & lets. Dove [Duck Tho’ Adam try painful right until God-made him a great. Couples Yet , he easily discovered wt related to their. Reasonable The guy ne’er stood moaning & whining inside. Rhyme However, is actually wiser & know what direction to go wth their. Time He easily got everything by right. Handle Un’drest in a minute & away on the. Candle Then i give you to help you assume wt the guy performed that have his. Beloved When Eve had no guilt & their own Adam zero. Fear

An excellent Knight pleasures from inside the deeds regarding Arms Maybe a woman likes nice Musicks Charms Steeped men in store out-of wealth happy end up being Babies Love dandling for the Nurses Leg Coy Maids like smething, little I’le expresse Support the very first Characters of those Lines, and you will Guesse

Most other courses which have bawdy riddles was: The brand new Merry Medley, or A christmas Container to own Gay Gallants and you will A great Friends , 1744, and you may II, 1745; This new Comical Miscellany , II, 1756 (Vol. We is actually music), and also the Merry Fellow otherwise, Jovial Spouse , by Luke Alive, Gent. Dublin, 1757. A good example about second, p. 48:

It whom first form’d me, were in my womb; During the battle I am vanquish’d whenever i beat. The fresh new mistresses We legal have become shy, And you can Parthian such as, wou’d destroy while they fly. Yet , ne’er is swain therefore constant whenever i was, No brest e’er harbour’d so unfeign’d a fire; To possess th’ stop off my venture, and you will my notice Was clasp’d within welcomes to end; Immediately after which lives regarding me personally do in transports fly; To possess I ne’er really live, however when I perish. – – – A Fireship

My Man John had something that try enough time My personal Housemaid Mary got something is hairy My Man John place their procedure which had been enough time towards Mary’s matter that was furry, their particular material which was furry, her material which was hairy My Maid Mary up coming stirr’d it throughout the ’til with stirring and you can stirring in more detail it appeared then again my People John thrust it when you look at the again and knock’d it very stoutly making it are, making it are nevertheless, he knock’d they very stoutly making it continue to be however, John that have much slamming very widen’d the opening you to their long material slip’d away nevertheless inside spight out-of his Soul ’til weary’d and vex’d sufficient reason for slamming grown sore cry’d an effective Pox do the opening getting I shall bump they no longer a Pox make Ho—-ce Pox make the Hole ’til weary’d and you can vex’d in accordance with knocking grown up sore cry’d good Pox make Hole to possess I will knock it no more.

British Commitment Directory from Very early Songs , 1957, does not record so it among Eccles arrangements, or even in reality any copy associated with.

On the Schonberg just who retains predistination & talks to himself

Whenever i walk’d from the myself personally & talk’d on my mind My self said to myself Check out thy thinking, care for thy care about, With no human body cares getting thee.

We replied myself & believed to me On the self-same repartee Check out thy self, or perhaps not looke so you’re able to thy mind, The brand new self-same topic are.

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