Although strangest story regarding the Tay loved ones by far was this option

You to definitely Robert Timber, a sister off Benjamin, Isaac, and you can William, existed using this type of Mr. Tay for quite some time, that have no stipulated pay, except that their panel; he was never ever partnered, are rather peculiar within the activities, and sensed maybe not shrewd intellectually, yet is claimed for managed so once Mr. Tay’s death, the guy came into hands of their real estate. The guy registered a costs to own characteristics made during his stick to him sufficient to safety the value of the area, which was supplied by the courtroom, so that the heirs were leftover minus.” (Newhall’ s Post No. 5)

Up on the death of Lieutenant William Tay III inside the 1829, his History Have a tendency to and Testament is actually on account of feel conducted from the their young buck William IV, the fresh appointed sole executor. Of a lot better-identified brands out of Woburn’s previous was indeed expose in the the studying; Charles Thompson, Benjamin Wyman, Stephen Nichols, Jeremiah Converse, Joseph Gardener, and you will Archelaus Tay.

A very brief section found at the fresh new Woburn Public Library checks out, “He was in the Vanguard Battle (William III), his young man William (IV), existed nearby merely the spot where the old roadway showed up (North Maple Road)

The fresh new index regarding William’s private estate is actually comprehensive. He’d amassed significant amounts of wealth inside the lives, partly related to the money created by his highest farm and you may profitable tavern providers. In total, their probate suggestions demonstrate that the guy had 269 miles from house and lots of private household assets. (Probate 22165)

Even though the Tay Tavern itself was never mentioned by-name, the latest catalog does tell you an unusually large number out-of seating (20) and you can dining tables (8), which is not normal to possess a tiny residential home of these day.

Joily and you may an urban area selectman, was designated from the process of law while the the brand new executor of the late William III’ s usually. Yet another list of your own deceased’ s possessions is bought of the the brand new Respectable Samuel Fay, Esq., Courtroom out of Probate in Middlesex State, Cambridge. Josiah Tay, Charles Carter and Ezra Kendall are responsible for the work off doing it. How it happened?

Inside a letter old Summer 27, 1828, i learn just what transpired. A petition finalized because of the 17 community users is submitted to Woburn’s selectmen also it says; “I the fresh new customers certify one to in their wisdom, William Tay of said urban area, does of the too much ingesting, thus spend, spend and you will prevent their estate, as and therefore to expose himself and you may family relations to want and distress check these guys out things, and in addition we thought a guardian must designated to told you Tay.”

In uel Fay, Esq., Legal out-of Probate in the Cambridge by the urban area selectmen. Involved, they states you to definitely William “endangers and you will reveals the city regarding Woburn so you can a fee or costs for his as well as their repairs and you can assistance.” They request your courtroom appoints a protector to own him quickly.

On the August 28, 1828, this new court designated Jo and his house. Through the years, expenses up against the Tay Property got compiled and you will must be paid for the William’s death.

Into the e legitimately motivated and you will licensed of the courtroom to market regarding some of Tay’s end up in buy to fund his own custody charge, which had amounted so you’re able to $step one,, and $31. alot more to have incidental fees. Facts show that William’s A residential property at the time was really worth $2,. (Probate 22166)

After that on the IV as the only executor away from their father’s often, is actually registered into the Middlesex Probate Court, and you can reported that he could be “unfit” to do it

In the December, 1832, Robert Wood’s character enters all of our facts. Timber filed getting injuries to your Best Official Judge during the Concord, on number of $ he states try owed to help you him by the told you William Tay’s House. He demands you to judge charge be added to the sum of given that really. He continues to state that William IV will likely be taken toward Cambridge otherwise Concord “gail” (jail) and you can stored here up to the guy believes to invest the costs due.

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